UglyGranNy on Dollie

January 2, 2013 at 11:08 AM (ArT WoRks)

UglyGranNy on Dollie

GranNy has found a new medium… and what better than being inked on dollies.


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Inspiration in the Mâché

October 26, 2011 at 11:46 AM (InSpiRed, RanDom FinD)

Back in my sojourn in Paris- I stumbled across this astounding Artist whilst searching for some silk checkered scarves in the Marais.

Christophe Goussault

click here to go straight to his webpage

Octavine 15 x 15 x 30 cm

Octavine 15 x 15 x 30 cm

His work is like Neo Gothic fairytale, meets Alice through the Looking glass, meets Tim Burton, meets some other random yet equally describable awesome reference.

I love the delicateness of his papier mâché work- and the intricacy of the medium that he has achieved. He has indeed created and captured an entire magical universe!

You can also subscribe to his page on Facebook.

An arthritic Thumbs Up!

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GranNy’s knickers are on fire

October 26, 2011 at 6:01 AM (Uncategorized)

Or is that ‘GranNy is on Fire’- I can’t keep up with all the crazy lingo these days…


GranNy had an overwhelming response to her ‘New Groove‘. One work sold and One work commissioned.

Hmmmm- Okay maybe not overwhelming- but hot diggidy dog is this GranNy chuffed. So much so, that her knickers are now aflame… in the naughty arsenic meets sexy firefighter kinda way..


That reminds me of a funny story in the autumn of 1666, when our house burnt down… Oh I do miss the good ol’ days!

Until the next installment..



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GranNy’s got a new GrooVe

October 19, 2011 at 6:54 PM (ArT WoRks)

So… There is No “Ugly”, No “Granny”… so what is it then you may ask??


Well it’s this Ugly GranNy’s new artistic groove. Trying some new styles.. Old dog new tricks, fish up ladder’s and all such things aside..

Let this GranNy know if you like..



All Pictures can be purchased and are copyrighted 2011

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Love random searches

August 24, 2011 at 12:37 AM (InSpiRed, Mz L. Aneous, RanDom FinD)

So dear children.. you all remember about my random search that brought me closer to my discovery of Wendy Bevan.. here is a picture to jog your memories:

Photograph: Wendy Bevan

Well your dear GranNy did another random search a while back – of course I have no recollection as to what I was searching- but that is not the worry- The outcome is all we are concerned with. And soo the grand prize winner on this week’s RanDoM FinD that rocked GranNy’s dodgy bones is………….

…………………… SARAH FARBER and her company called Black Eyed SuZie

Think Tim Burton meets Victorian Gothic meets whimsical flights of fancy.. and there you have these amazing Dolls!!

I love the wide set eyes- the out of proportion thin arms and legs, the disheveled hair, the longing and sadness they carry as a burden in their little doll hearts

If you were inspired as much as this GranNy go check out Sarah’s Homepage

Check her out on

Note: Yet another Awesome Canadian Artist!

Sarah reminds me stylistically of another artist I randomly came across, not over the interweb but rather in the streets of Paris…

But that is another Story for another time…

So if you enjoyed Sarah’s work… stay tuned!!

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AleX HaMiLToN strikes again

August 22, 2011 at 7:11 AM (Mz L. Aneous)

While Granny was away being inspired by Foreign Artists, a local exhibition was opened in Cape Town by one of my favourite Artists…

Alex Hamilton explores the iconography of Woodstock through a visual survey of its architecture, landmarks, street art and the ever present dynamics of change – in the current exhibition  BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK

Using meticulous stencil cutting as a metaphor for the tension between intellectual and new creative development, these cityscapes reflect the current interest in urban regeneration and opposing social sub-cultures. Representative of the time and place in which they were made, they are also underscored by a subtle message of hope and respect. Urban landscapes contrast, but also support, the graphic language of advertising, graffiti and roadsigns. Their textures reflect the gritty surfaces of lived-in, urban squalor while their weathered exteriors often romanticize the canvas quality of street art with its industrial elegance and explosion of contemporary ideology.

Respectfully inclusive of what is ‘home’ to a multi-faith, socially complex and cultural melting pot, these works pay homage to an eternally inviting, intriguing and creative suburb: Woodstock, Cape Town.


The exhibition also includes the work of artists, Sarel Petrus andAntoinette Du Plessis.


The exhibition runs from the 11 August until 9th September 2011

at the Alex Hamilton Studio Gallery, Unit B203 Woodstock Industrial Centre, 66 Albert Road Woodstock Cape Town


Opening Hours

Tues- Friday: 10am -4pm

Saturdays by appointment only.


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An InSpiReD GranNy

August 22, 2011 at 1:27 AM (ArT WoRks, Mz L. Aneous)

So this GranNy had the fortune of finding herself abroad, in the Land of what some people refer to as “of the Free”. Though this is of course debatable and questionable. For now let us just call it Washington DC.

However she did find herself amongst some fine art! Famous artists she had never heard of (though probably should have considering her age), but instantaneously connected with!

First was Modigliani– Now this artists I have loved for a long time, but somehow never knew his name. They were just images that I fell in love with. Now this GranNy can send a post card to Mr Modigliani and thank him by name!


The Next artist to get these old bones excited was Raoul Dufy. A French Artist. A very lively spirited Illustrator whose use of colour, line and energy really made me weak at the weak knees.

Next: A German Illustrator and artist I immediately connected with.. Lyonel Feininger. I will allow his Pictures to speak for themselves:


This GranNy feels re-inspired, re- invigorated and re-ady to make some new work inspired by what she has seen!

If you want some similiar inspiration and find yourself in Washington DC- go check out the Phillip’s Collection


 2 arthritic thumbs up for this new lease on artistic appreciation!

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GranNy Muses over words

August 22, 2011 at 12:35 AM (ArT WoRks)

Here is a small tasting into the world of tiny poetical frivolities in GranNy’s WorLd….


Old GranNy PoeM

Reads,Reads until her fingers BleeD. Between the Lines- Above and Below Each page Seeping with Sorrow


Old GranNy Bridge

Forever Keeps an Ace up her Sleeve Saving it for a Rainy day…

Old GranNy Time

Has very little of it Patience is a virtue that can go knock on someone else’s door

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An Inspiration in Bevan

July 18, 2011 at 11:25 PM (Uncategorized)

Wendy Bevan was one of those amazingly serendipitous happenings… when randomly googling who knows what, to find an image for who remembers why.. I came across this image

Photograph: Wendy Bevan

and then this image


and then GraNny was hooked.

I so love the old worldy feel about her work – Like antique jewellery meets nymphets by the moonlight meets freak show meets the secrets kept in the dust filled drawers of days past.

You can view her massive archive of work at

or check her out on the book of faces at



Granny gives this an arthritic 2 thumbs up!


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The Historical and Mythical

July 17, 2011 at 10:11 AM (ArT WoRks)

Now this GranNy isn’t much the one for the history of times gone by (except that she comes from it) though she is a prone to the tall tales of the mythological gods of rage and fury, deceit and lies.

Here was an inspired beginning to a collection



Copyright 2011

Marie Antoinette

copyright 2011

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